A variety of Italian cookies. Have fun choosing them.

La Dolce Vita’s traditional Italian cookies are made using authentic old-world recipes. They are perfect for celebrations and corporate gifts. You can order our cookies individually, by the pound, or even in trays or gift baskets. Our traditional amaretti and almond biscotti cookies are handcrafted with the finest ingredients.


Type of CookiePrice Per lb.Description
Butter CookiesCall for pricingThere are over 30 varieties of butter cookies. 1lb equals approximately 25 to 30 cookies
Italian BiscottiCall for pricingThere are over 10 varieties of Italian biscotti cookies. 1lb equals approximately 15 to 20 cookies.

Rainbow CookiesCall for pricingThree layers of almond cake filled with raspberry jam and iced with chocolate. 1lb equals 10 to 15 pieces.
Pignoli CookiesCall for pricingPure almond paste cookies topped with pine nuts.1lb equals 15 to 18 pieces.
Coconut Macaroon Call for pricingDipped in vanilla or chocolate.1lb equals 10 to 12 pieces.

Biscotti and Butter Cookie Trays

Crystal plastic trays filled with cookies, wrapped in cellophane paper, and tied with a bow.
1 lb.Call for pricing
2 lb.Call for pricing
3 lb.Call for pricing
4 lb.Call for pricing
5 lb.Call for pricing
6 lb.Call for pricing
7 lb.Call for pricing
8 lb.Call for pricing
9 lb.Call for pricing
10 lb.Call for pricing